Founder & IT Lawyer
Gonzalo Gª-Valdecasas

Gonzalo has experience in legal issues related to technology. While his field of work focuses on IP/IT and the application of blockchain technology to the legal field, he is passionate about any techie or disruptive issue (gaming, programming, IA).

Dirk Hornung  

Dirk is in charge of the software development and blockchain technology of Cysae, graduated in Physics from the Goethe Universität Frankfurt (Germany) and currently compatibilizes his work with a Ph. D. by the Institute of High Energy Physics of the Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona.

Founder & Data Lawyer
Javier Pascual

Javier has worked in the IT legal sector and has been involved in GDPR compliance projects. He has also worked on the design of various LegalTech tools and has had experience undertaking his own projects.

Founder & IP Lawyer
Tono  Vázquez 

Tono specializes in technological contracting and legal tax advice. Among his tasks there are the contracts development drafting and software license, or the legal validation of different digital tools (SaaS, App, etc.). In addition, he is in charge of the financial management of Cysae.

Data Lawyer
Paula Porte

Paula is a lawyer with experience in Banking Law and Civil Procedural Law. She is currently participating in the creation of the system of adaptation to Cysae’s RGPD and its implementation in our clients.

Full-Stack Developer
Iñigo Morcillo
Iñigo is the Full-Stack Developer of Cysae. Graduated in Physics, he has specialized in the modelling of systems and numerical simulation, having implemented Machine Learning (such as Genetic Algorithms) and Big Data methods, as well as specializing in High Energy Physics.
Marketing Manager
Isabel González

Isabel is the marketing manager of Cysae. She has a master’s degree in Marketing Management, as well as having experience in digital marketing, campaigns and web development. She currently is in charge of the brand image, web development and planning and strategy of the marketing of Cysae.

Corporate Lawyer
Antonio Camacho
Antonio is a lawyer at Larrauri & Martí and has wide experience in commercial law. He is a corporate law and fintech advisor. Although he was the most traditional member of the team, do not be surprised that he is about to give talks about blockchain; it has been his most recent revelation!

Our Partners

Cysae has partners with extensive experience in legal advice and software development


Docxpresso is an innovative tool that helps companies convert their Office documents into web applications. Docxpresso can help any company to make an easy transition from paper based traditional documentation to the digital environment. Their slogan? #NoMorePaperwork.

Larrauri & Martí
Larrauri & Martí is a law firm with professionals that covers all areas of Business Law, offering a comprehensive, leading and innovative legal service, solid and effective. Its main task is to support the company in its growth, adapting to its dimensions to become another partner: the legal partner. The main objective is that the provided service is impeccable from all points of view, maximizing results and minimizing risks.