Technological solutions for legal issues

At Cysae we do customized smart contracts, legal solutions with the help of blockchain, data protection, technological contracting and any other matter that combines law and technology.

We are a team of lawyers, engineers and software developers who, through the sinergy of said fields, we want to anticipate the needs of the legal sector. This allows us to be more efficient, faster and updated in the working methodology, investing more time in dealing with the client and in the development of new and better Legal Tech tools.

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If you want us to work together, please write or call us at (+34) 91 793 35 94 | WhatsApp at +34 689 177 203.

Blockchain stamping tool

1. Upload your file to Blockchain. .
Through this solution you will be able to stamp anything in the blockchain of Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin.


2. Verify that your file is stamped in Blockchain .
(Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin).

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