Who is a good Startup advisor?
Someone who offers simplicity, speed, quality, experience and reliability.
Did you know that you can set up a company in 24 hours? But watch out, there are limitations.


Complete packages for different startup types

Consult us for free any doubt related to your startup, project or just an idea. Everything is easier if the process is explained from beginning to end and is clearly indicated: how much it costs, how long it lasts, what implications it has, what is recommended.

You don’t have to incorporate the company if you’re not going to invoice yet; in this case the correct business agreement would suffice.

Our legal ABC’s for any startup:

  • Free prior enquiry with a lawyer
  • Legal viability of the project
  • Company name and brand
  • Elaboration of articles of association
  • Partners agreement
  • Actual constitution (bank account, Notary and Registration, provisional tax ID, IAE registration)
  • Web adequacy (Domain, Legal Advice, Privacy Policy, Contract Conditions…)
  • Adequacy of data protection (GDPR)

In addition to the ABC’s, if you like how we work, we can help you with DEFGHIJK…’s

Blockchain Technology

We advice on legal aspects related to Blockchain technology

There are more and more projects that use Blockchain to offer innovative solutions. From Cysae we offer comprehensive advice so that the provided services are adapted to current regulations, specifically, we can advise, among others, with the following topics:

  • Advice on contracts with the provision of Blockchain technology
  • Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s)
  • Privacy Policy
  • Cybersecurity

We support and create customized Smart Contracts for businesses

Not only do we inform about the operation and typology of the Smart Contracts that can be carried out today, but we can also develop them completely from the initial drafting phase to the implementation phase.

Don't you know what Blockchain is?
Don't worry, 99% of those who talk about Blockchain don't even know what it is. We belong to the 1%: test us.
Do you know Alastria?
We are part of it. Get to know what this Spanish Blockchain is.
Do you want to protect your software?
Here we explain how to do it.
Questions in the air: my worker has developed software, who has the copyright?

Intellectual Property, Patents and Brands

We offer our clients comprehensive advice in all the aspects related to Intellectual Property, Patents, Utility Models, Brands…

Our services include, among others:

  • Drafting and revision of clauses relating to Intellectual Property.
  • Protection of the software.
  • Requirement drafting and answers.
  • Registration of Patents, Utility Models and Trademarks.
  • Elaboration of legal reports and expert judgements.

If you want to protect the creations that take place in your business contact us and we will solve all your concerns.

Technological Recruitment

Cysae’s team is specialized in new technologies, which allows us provide comprehensive advice and come into direct contact with the system equipments of different industries.

Our advice covers the following areas


Drafting contracts in relation to software development, use or distribution licenses, cloud services such as MLaaS IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, etc.

eSports Betting
Advertising and sponsoring Online media and social networks
Online media and social networks Non-disclosure agreements
Technology transfer Image rights
Telephone services, Internet and any other telecommunication service Protection of intangibles
Internet of things Fintech, insurtech, Blockchain and economic cooperation
If you are going to sell your company, how do you value your intangibles?
We advise you on the identification and legal qualification of intangible assets: licenses, software, IP, brands...
Watch out for software development contracts:

If you are the developer: describe it as a service lease contract.

If you are the client: describe it as a work lease contract.

Do not hesitate to ask us if you have any doubts!

Ask us to test our customizable data protection rights exercise forms.
We adapt your company to the latest European regulations (RGPD)

Data Protection

Solutions for data protection

Since the General Data Protection Regulations came into effect we have carried out numerous adaptation processes for different types of companies.

If you want to adapt your company to the General Data Protection Regulations, do not hesitate to contact our team.

Our solutions will help you with the following matters:

  • Legal Texts (Web, Authorizations, Contracts, New Clauses, Video Surveillance)
  • Adaptation to GDPR (prior situation analysis and action plan)

Ecommerce Solutions

We develop computer systems to aid your online store in legal management

At Cysae we have a broad experience in advising providers of information society services that encompass:

  • Services in Cloud
  • Electronic signature services
  • Law of Information Society Services
  • Legal texts
  • Payment Management
  • Web audit
  • Consumers & Users
Very simple:
Don't worry about the legal part of your Web/Ecommerce. We make sure everything is in order. Fast, simple and economic.
Dissatisfied users or those who push too much?
Maybe the solution is in the "why they are". We don't want to help you get legally rid of unhappy users, but instead to prevent this from happening: simple and appropriate legal texts, refund policies, intuitive applications.
Are you developing an App, SaaS, digital device or some kind of gadget?
Ask us what you need to know from the legal point of view: enforceable regulation, legal texts required, lawfulness of the activity, tax aspect or international law...
ICOs: let's be clear: 1. None has been done in Spain yet. 2. An ICO is legal in Spain if it submits a prospectus approved by the CNMV. 3. There are exceptions to this requirement (article 25 LMV). Anything other than points 1 and 2 must be done outside Spain.ICO: in Spain, in Gibraltar, through the CNMV or via exceptions to article 35 LMV, any form of ICO is possible. Tell us about your ICO project and we will set it up for you: technology and legal service.
ICOs: Seamos claros:
1. Aún no se ha hecho NINGUNA en España. 2. Una ICO es legal en España si presenta folleto aprobado por la CNMV. 3. Existen excepciones a este requisito (Art. 35 LMV). 4. Todo lo que no sean el punto 1 y 2, debe hacerse fuera de España.

Legal Reports on New Technologies

We prepare legal reports on any subject related to information technologies.

Nowadays, technology surround all of us and it is present in all business areas, having a strong impact on every legal relationship that is formalized. In this sense, we offer answers to any doubt you might have regarding the new technologies and their legal consequences.

If you want to adapt your company to the General Data Protection Regulation, do not hesitate to contact our team.

Industrial and Intellectual Property Law Software (development, distribution, licenses MLaaS, SaaS, PaaS)
Blockchain and ICO´s Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Smart Contracts e-Sports and online gaming
Management Information Security Systems Data Protection and Privacy
Electronic Commerce (Information Society and Consumers and Users) Technology of Information

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